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1 Aug 2017
This might seem a nightmarish scenario for you youngsters having short attention spans but youngsters are never too young to be exposed to music, films and museums. The younger they are the better. Young Ones can be inspired by external stimuli and their minds absorb information like a sponge. That's why it's easier to teach youngsters who are younger because of their enthusiasm and curiosity.

However, if you do plan to take them to watch their first musical performance or a movie, you might want to ask these questions before you do? First, exactly how old should you start bringing them to theatres and music halls? You can bring youngsters to movies as early as five years old but it would be best to wait for them to turn seven before you...

21 Jun 2017
If you love singing and want to learn to sing strong, then read through this article and you will learn how. Below are tips provided by Helene Goldnadel on how you learn to sing strong: 

You can use visualization - There a lot of untrained singers who sing from the bottom of their throat, which is wrong because they lose the key to their projection. The right thing to do is imagine that your voice coming out from your nose to improve your vocals. In learning to sing, visualization is a big help. 

You must sing with confidence - In singing, confidence is very important because it will help you in performing better. And if you are performing in front of a crowd, you must make a projection that you are confident so you will make a better...

2 May 2017
The best time to teach people new things is when they are still kids. With a fresh outlook of life, children are like sponges that would willingly adapt and accept new things taught to them. This is probably why most parents are enrolling their offspring in singing lessons for kids. Not only is it an admirable talent to possess, but it can be a source of enjoyment for the child as well. If you are one of those parents, here are some of the things suggested by Helene Goldnadel you might consider before signing on for singing lessons for youth.

The Teachers 
As every parent knows, kids can be very messy. This is why it is important for you check out if the teacher will be patient with the student. Find out if he or she has worked with...

19 Apr 2017
The world of music has great influences and benefits to children's growth and children's early brain development according to conducted researches made by experts. Studies show that music has been helping the children's nerve cells network to miraculously connect and improve the skills of children in learning as they grow up. It is also manifested by the children who are influenced by music that they are most active when it comes to their mental capacity and abilities. The baby inside the mother's womb is sensitive or easily responds to the sounds accumulated around the baby's environment. Baby easily recognizes the sound of the mother's voice from the other pitch voice of another person by showing simple movements or babbling. Music...

29 Mar 2017
While a lot of people are into singing, be it in the karaoke bar, in front or an audience, or in the shower, not everyone knows how to sing properly. To become good and high-caliber singers, it requires sheer talent, dedication, and proper singing lessons. Even if you are born with a good voice, you need to take singing classes to help you with the right technique in singing properly.

Becoming a good singer is not achieved by taking shortcuts, as many people think. For talent like singing, a strong foundation is very important. One needs to learn the right techniques like controlling the voice, breathing from the diaphragm, and reaching high notes without getting off-pitch. Moreover, learning how to sing should start at early age. This...

16 Mar 2017
If you have been following American Idol on television, you can probably point out some tips from the judges' criticisms on the auditions and you can now probably figure out what makes them say 'no' to these singers trying to get through the auditions.

If you have been singing and you want to develop your craft, going to talent shows in your hometown or performing in clubs and theaters can be a good way to practice your talent and learn good singing audition tips that you can use in bigger competitions. 

Getting a big break in singing mostly involves giving a good audition so if you are auditioning to get a singing career or getting a prize, here are some singing audition tips by Helene Goldnadel (A recording artist, a song writer, and a...

10 Mar 2017
This set of singing lessons cover the art (and science) of how your diaphragm affects your voice. If your singing were done by computer, you could click the mouse and correct the sounds and volume. However, you do not have a digital voice, just a human singing voice so you have to learn to control it from within. This article will help you achieve that goal.

If you've been singing any length of time, you have probably heard the phrase "sing with your diaphragm" already. But what does this really mean? What is your diaphragm and how does it work? How does the diaphragm help with singing? Let's explore what the word "diaphragm" really means and how it is connected to good singing.

The Diaphragm Explained

The diaphragm is a system of muscles...

25 Feb 2017
It's very normal for people to adore music and songs. Not surprisingly, music and songs works as a medium of conveying their emotions and feelings to people. And over time, development in music is incredibly evident and you will view it with the different music types continued to be made use of by numerous musicians internationally to exhibit their singing talents. Pop, rock, ballad, mellow, jazz, and RnB are only a few of the music genres used by vocalists on the subject of making songs. A pop star will never be termed as a singer if there's no song and music. Helene Goldnadel believes that a singer is as crucial as a song and music as a singer gets known when people are able to like the song he and/or she actually is singing.
A song...

2 Feb 2017
Singing is an art and it requires constant practice. For some, singing comes naturally. Some take it up as a hobby. But if you plan to take singing up as a profession then you have to take it very seriously. First learn how to sing. Helene Goldnadel is a life coach and a singing teacher who has empowered many lives.

To an ordinary singer to excel in singing, it is good to start taking training from skilled professionals who are well versed in singing and who possess the knowledge in the art of singing. Others, who really wish to take singing as a profession, must first learn to sing by first approaching a skilled professional who offers training. Select the best trainer available. The trainer will train you how to sing well. It may...