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5 Aug 2017
At an early age, abilities are flexible and this is a false impression which is ruling famous belief in the society. Cognitive skills are not inbuilt in any child and that's the reason why early child development is very important for parents who wish to make sure that their children are receiving the best. Society is obsessed with studious students who receive top grades and often pressurizes their children for getting high grades. Another reason for considering this is that for any child, learning begins in infancy and many people don't know that the child start learning through their experiential subconscious and sensory perception, from the moment he is born. Moreover, the quality of education at early age helps the baby, a lot, in...

1 Aug 2017
This might seem a nightmarish scenario for you youngsters having short attention spans but youngsters are never too young to be exposed to music, films and museums. The younger they are the better. Young Ones can be inspired by external stimuli and their minds absorb information like a sponge. That's why it's easier to teach youngsters who are younger because of their enthusiasm and curiosity.

However, if you do plan to take them to watch their first musical performance or a movie, you might want to ask these questions before you do? First, exactly how old should you start bringing them to theatres and music halls? You can bring youngsters to movies as early as five years old but it would be best to wait for them to turn seven before you...

19 Jul 2017
When you are looking at potential baby modelling agencies for your baby model there is a set of question to ask them that will ensure your baby have a prosperous baby modelling career.

1) Will the agency be able to assist in keeping my baby safe during shoots? Even though no agency can guarantee your child's safety while you are on a shoot they do take additional safety precautions when they are booking the shoot. Sometimes a safety clause is added to the contract and every new prospective client is researched to ensure that they are legit and safe. If an agency cannot provide you with any assistance in the safety field it might be better to avoid them.

2) How will the agency promote and provide my baby with industry exposure? The baby...

14 Jul 2017
In order to make something a part of your life, it has to become a habit. Repetition and ritual are the name of the game. Twyla Tharp, world-famous choreographer, in her book The Creative Habit: Learn it and Use it For Life shares an important ingredient of her method in the following words:

I begin each day of my life with a ritual... First steps are hard... It's vital to establish some rituals-automatic but decisive patterns of behavior- at the beginning of the creative process, when you are most at peril of turning back, chickening out, giving up, or going the wrong way..."

Getting started is often the hardest part of doing something. Each of us needs to find an intuitive way to overcome the natural human tendency towards inertia. For...

7 Jul 2017
Music plays a very vital role in everyone's lives, often in a very innocuous way, but it has been shown to exert a calming influence in daily life. Records have shown that music has been part of our psyche from time immemorial, and the instinct to learn music is present in almost everyone from childhood.

Varied Instrument Choices

The current generation of children has grown up with all sorts of musical exposure from the time they are toddlers; they are being constantly exposed to music through the radio, television, internet, etc. The quest to learn music has shown a steady increase in almost all countries of the world, where there is a new generation of music schools which cater to this growing demand. A good children music school...

21 Jun 2017
If you love singing and want to learn to sing strong, then read through this article and you will learn how. Below are tips provided by Helene Goldnadel on how you learn to sing strong: 

You can use visualization - There a lot of untrained singers who sing from the bottom of their throat, which is wrong because they lose the key to their projection. The right thing to do is imagine that your voice coming out from your nose to improve your vocals. In learning to sing, visualization is a big help. 

You must sing with confidence - In singing, confidence is very important because it will help you in performing better. And if you are performing in front of a crowd, you must make a projection that you are confident so you will make a better...

27 May 2017
When we think of a recording studio the picture that pops up in our mind is of an artist's workroom where tapes and records are stored. However, the reality is much more complex then the imaginary figure.

A recording studio has much to do with Sound. Even though it is not related to music but still a Recording studio will deal sound in some or the other form. So if you are planning to set up a Recording Studio you need to pay special attention to acoustic factors affecting the layout of the Studio. These factors such as internal or external noise together form a part of the Technical considerations while selecting a suitable location and a suitable design for a Recording Studio.

If you are planning to set up a Corporate Recording studio...

13 May 2017
Many kids participate in some sort of physical activity and there are activities to fit nearly every kid's interest. Things like soccer, basketball, gymnastics and more are all fun things for kids to do, but some of the most popular are dance classes. There are a number of different types of lessons, including a tap or ballet class. Whether you sign your child up for one class or have them in a number of different activities, here are some of the life lessons Helene Goldnadel a life coach believes that kids can learn from participating in dance classes.

Dance Classes Foster Teamwork
Teamwork is an important lesson to learn. Kids who work together in a ballet class or other type of class will be able to use these teachings throughout their...

9 May 2017
Kids love all kinds of physical activities and perhaps dance is one of their favourite ones after playing. Not all kids love every form of dance. Some are more artistic and prefer doing classical forms like ballad while there are others who prefer the fast beat of contemporary dance. No matter what your child likes, there are plenty of dance lessons to choose from along with the many benefits that they have for you -

Improves health

One of the first and the most important aspects of enrolling your child for a dance class is improved physical health. Dance is a perfect activity for kids today considering the sedate life that most kids lead today, it is important to help channelise physical energy in the right direction. With dance, one is...

2 May 2017
The best time to teach people new things is when they are still kids. With a fresh outlook of life, children are like sponges that would willingly adapt and accept new things taught to them. This is probably why most parents are enrolling their offspring in singing lessons for kids. Not only is it an admirable talent to possess, but it can be a source of enjoyment for the child as well. If you are one of those parents, here are some of the things suggested by Helene Goldnadel you might consider before signing on for singing lessons for youth.

The Teachers 
As every parent knows, kids can be very messy. This is why it is important for you check out if the teacher will be patient with the student. Find out if he or she has worked with...