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16 Sep 2019
Your young child's playtime is his first real learning experience, and toys can act as catalysts in your child's growth. The benefits of educational toys are many and varied, and by choosing the right toys, you create an environment that is fun and conducive to learning vital skills.

But currently it is hard to find what you need if you do not know what you are looking for. With a million toys on the market today, it is tough to pick out the best combinations of fun and learning. However, every beneficial toy should be fun, safe, and help the child develop and exercise some skill. When faced with so many choices, asking yourself some simple questions about your child's development can help you make the best selection.

The following is a...

11 Sep 2019
Are you the parent of a young child who seems to be perpetually moving? Does your child have difficulty attending to tasks? Have you been told by family and friends that your child's behavior is not normal. Are you concerned that your child may have ADHD? This article will discuss 9 symptoms of ADHD, and also give information about a rating scale that can be used to help determine if your child has the disorder.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disorder has 3 core symptoms which are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. There are an estimated 1 and ½ to 2 and ½ million children with ADHD in the United States, which is 3-5% of the student population. More boys than girls are diagnosed with ADHD which...

4 Sep 2019
Tom, a 10-year-old pupil, is a quiet child. He does not have many friends in school. He seldom participates in class activities; he is often in a world of his own. His academic results are poor and he sometimes throws temper tantrums when forced to join in. He is not rebellious and does not misbehave. He is just indifferent.

Such a child may be said to have no motivation for school. He seems unconcerned with the need to work hard or the need to even try. It is very hard to help such a child as he is unmotivated.

He was placed in a program which is run by a volunteer group of seniors aged above 50 years-old. The aim of the program is for the seniors to bond with the children through games and discussions of values like honesty, caring for...

28 Aug 2019
Some kids just don't like to write. Others find the lure of technology much more responsive and engaging. So what is a parent to do? Kids still need good old-fashioned paper and pencil skills, right? Here are some engaging activities by Helene Goldnadel that your child may actually enjoy more than tapping the keys on your iPhone.

  • Arrange a pen-pal: Has a dear friend or relative recently moved away? Do you sponsor a child that lives in an exotic part of the world? Have you thought about signing up for a pen-pal? These are all great ways for your child to practice storytelling, writing, and penmanship skills. The best part is anticipating and checking the mail to see if there is a response!
  • Post cards: If you're on the go with the family,...

23 Aug 2019
Parents' words and behaviour have an enormous impact on child's self-esteem (SE) and self-confidence (SC). Carefully chose your words and watch what your behaviour communicates to your child. Kids require a healthy SE in order to have high SC. Only when kids think positively of themselves can they accept their achievements for what they are.

So what can you do to start raising your child's SE right away? It's simple!

Here are a few ideas by Helene Goldnadel to get you started. Grab a pen and paper and think about how you typically relate to your child as you read each point. Draw a line down the middle of the paper. On one side write down the typical wording you use (call it typical column) and on the other write down better, more...

19 Aug 2019
Research has shown that children who begin reading from an early age develop more of an appetite for books and tend to perform better at school. Whilst some kids seem to be natural bookworms, others sometimes need a bit of a prod before sitting down to read, and with such a wide range of titles now available there is something that should interest any prospective reader. If you're a parent worried that your child isn't reading enough, sometimes delving into your own past can provide great solutions.

The success of the 'Harry Potter' series has highlighted how well stories can capture the imagination as the whole nation - child and adult alike - got swept up with...

8 Aug 2019
Children with learning disabilities often form negative opinions of school and education. This isn't their fault. The need for more special education classes offered to these children is a necessary addition to the school system. All children have the possibility of a bright future ahead of them. All children should have an enjoyment of learning not a fear of it. It is the responsibility of the generations before theirs, the adults in this world, to see that that happens.

A special education class comes in many different forms. Basically though it is a class geared toward specific learning disabilities displayed in children and adults. These classes work with an individual in a way that best fits their learning process. Not everyone see...

4 Aug 2019
A child with an autism disorder presents unique challenges to educators, even those working in the special education system. As a parent, you can facilitate the educational process by teaching the teachers about your child.

There Is No Typical Case Of Autism

Every child is an individual, with unique abilities, challenges and learning styles. The best teachers learn to create lessons that appeal to all their students, keeping everyone interested and engaged. Among populations of typical kids, student capabilities can be assumed to vary within a certain range. They will be more alike than they are different.

Autistic children may exhibit common mannerisms or learning difficulties, but the variation in behavior and abilities is typically much...

31 Jul 2019
Everybody wants their child to read well. The question is how can you help, right? Well, if you understand a few basic concepts, you'll be able to evaluate your child's reading skills and support their literacy goals just like a pro!

When checking to see how a child is reading, a good teacher looks at several key items that can tell some pretty important information of where that child is at with their reading development. Remember, to properly manage and instruct, we have to be able to measure progress. Evaluations help us with that.

First, before we begin, let's take a look at the prize. Our goal is ultimately about the Big F.... That's right, fluency. This is the grand prize. To achieve fluency, a lot of little steps have to occur and...

26 Jul 2019
Parents' involvement in their child's education is a key factor in the child's scholastic success. It helps eliminate the cultural barrier that separates home from school.

The importance of involving parents in child's education can be justified on several counts. First, parents have been rightly recognized as their children's first teachers and role models. Experts suggest those parents' attitudes and practices toward diversity influences and shapes children's attitudes toward people who are different from themselves.

"Parents themselves are important teachers", says Helene Goldnadel. Parents' willingness to take the risks of displaying their own ignorance, when they don't know something, working patiently to solve problems they face is...