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31 Oct 2018
There are only two options for you to learn how to properly play bass guitar; whether you hire an instructor or download an online course. Self studying can be a good idea provided that you have a strong foundation in music; meaning, you are already playing other instruments like piano, guitar or even a violin. In this case, you have had developed listening skill. But for some, this might not be the case. There are so many advantages a formal learning medium can do to you on your initial stages of bass guitar playing. Below are some of them discussed by Helene Goldnadel a music teacher and life coach:


Without a formal education on bass guitar-which is a very delicate instrument-you will come across so many different issues. Am I...

27 Aug 2018
So you are an accomplished guitarist and want your children to learn the guitar. Or maybe you feel that you lack in the musical knowledge and want your son or daughter to shine. Perhaps your child has shown immense aptitude for music at a young age and you want to help them develop their talent. In any case, acoustic guitar is a great choice for children compared to other types of guitars. Whether you rent or buy a guitar for your child, make sure you find a teacher like Helene Goldnadel who knows how to teach children.

Choosing an instrument

Make choosing the right instrument for your child a priority. You will, of course, not want to buy the best instrument for your child at such a young age, especially while they still have no...