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16 Sep 2018
You understand that learning a musical instrument has a lot of benefits for your children. It helps them learn about music, helps them function in a group setting, enhances their self esteem, and also develops their creativity. In fact, they've even expressed a desire to learn an instrument. The problem is, you worry that they won't stick with it and you will have wasted time and money.

Well, one of the biggest reasons kids don't stick with an instrument is because they don't consider it exciting or cool enough. Yes, you may have purchased a shiny new trumpet for them, but if they are a fan of rock music, this instrument won't seem exciting for them. In fact, you will probably battle with them constantly to get them to practice until you...

13 Sep 2018
Think about the way music affects you on a personal level. Fun, upbeat tunes get your hips swaying and put you in a great mood even if things are going so great around you. Slow tunes with sad lyrics can bring tears to your eyes even if you don't know what is being sung about personally. Something inside of the human soul connects naturally to music. When you hear a new or unusual tune you stop in your tracks, turn toward the source of the sound, and you pay attention.

All of this occurs with young children and babies as well. When a child is busily playing in a quiet room and music is started from one corner of the room, they will naturally turn toward the music and stop what they are doing. A loud noise from that corner may startle...

3 Sep 2018
The ability to play an instrument is a skill most people can benefit from. Music helps a child to develop creatively. There is something very satisfying about making a beautiful sound from a set of odd-looking bars and dots on paper.

Before students can effectively begin exploring the possibilities of their skill, they need some training. Helene Goldnadel music classes can definitely help children grow in their skills, so insightful parents need to choose classes that are appropriate to their child's level.

Basic Training

Most of us need to start at the beginning of just about anything rather than jumping into the middle and skipping core steps. Whether learning to walk or to drive a car, there are critical skills that need to be practiced...

31 Aug 2018
Embrace the ability of song and music. There are ways that many ways during which to find out the way to specific yourself - and song and music is one amongst these ways. Whether or not you write music or sing or play an instrument, you'll modify not solely your life, however, the lives of these around you.

Learning the way to play an instrument and writing music could be a talent. It's a really troublesome art to master, however, it may be terribly fulfilling once you've got down it. Although you have got been blessed natural musical talent, subjugation song and music, will need time and energy. If you have got shown a keen interest in song, music, dance and performance than you would like to pursue it. One amongst the simplest ways...

27 Aug 2018
So you are an accomplished guitarist and want your children to learn the guitar. Or maybe you feel that you lack in the musical knowledge and want your son or daughter to shine. Perhaps your child has shown immense aptitude for music at a young age and you want to help them develop their talent. In any case, acoustic guitar is a great choice for children compared to other types of guitars. Whether you rent or buy a guitar for your child, make sure you find a teacher like Helene Goldnadel who knows how to teach children.

Choosing an instrument

Make choosing the right instrument for your child a priority. You will, of course, not want to buy the best instrument for your child at such a young age, especially while they still have no...

22 Aug 2018
Linguistic, social, emotional, and cognitive development are corresponding processes that ultimately work together to outline a child's literacy growth.

Helene Goldnadel a life coach says that social interaction plays a fundamental role in the process of cognitive development. Every function in the child’s cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level; first, between people and then inside the child. There are many psychologists who focus on the connections between people and the socio-cultural context in which they act and interact in shared experiences.

Humans use tools developed from a culture, such as speech and writing, to arbitrate their social environments. Initially children...

17 Aug 2018
Music can play a significant part in our lives contributing to positive academic, social, and emotional achievements. Using music in and outside of the classroom has been shown to positively influence children's abilities to process literature and mathematical concepts when used appropriately. Use music as a supplement to instruction, but do not rely on it for the purpose of boosting intelligence. Integrating musical experiences can create excitement for learning with the added bonus of supporting the advancement of developmental milestones.

Math Skills

Children who take piano lessons have been found to display a strong grasp on concepts involving fractional numbers, ratios, proportions, and problem solving. Piano training has also been...

11 Aug 2018
"Music can sooth a wild beast" . . . or so has been said by the wise and the ancient. There is something about music that appeals to one and all. This can be because of the reason that sound and 'vibrations' is one of most potent truths in the whole world and is something that lays an impact on all living and the seemingly inanimate objects. According to Helene Goldnadel a music teacher and a life coach, music touches all aspects of human lives. There can be music of joy, music for love, music for romance, music for sorrow; you name the mental state and there will be some kind of music that can define it. Since music is so close to human existence, there is a more or less, natural inclination in the part of all to learn music. It is...

6 Aug 2018

Music education, besides learning several musical instruments, has become more interesting, in-demand and competitive. Along with science, technology and arts, it has emerged as a profession and passion for several musicians, teachers and instructors. Across the world, music teachers are adopting newer strategies, techniques and tricks to impart the right learning process.

Music teaching, similar to other subjects requires effort, time and other resources. Your work never stops no sooner you leave your class or studio. Sometimes, you need to bring your work home including unfinished business, unrecorded or unchecked activities, classroom worksheets and quizzes. Proper stress and time management is thus imperative for a teacher.


31 Mar 2018