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9 Jan 2019
Evidence is plentiful throughout the years that when parents and families actively support and encourage their children, the children are far more likely to succeed educationally. When you as a parent or family member are actively involved in a child's learning process, you give them a significant advantage.

Even more specifically, the foundation from which to build the foundation for this success is reading. How well your child learns to - and enjoys reading, is absolutely directly related to not only how well your child will do in school, but how successful they will be throughout their lifetime. When a child develops good reading skills they have developed a foundation on which all other learning is built upon.

From the day a child is...

5 Jan 2019
There are many people who suffer from one disability or the other, with the only difference being the fact that some of these are more severe while some can be cured. Among one of such problems that can be cured and must be cured is the learning disorder. This disability not only troubles the person who is suffering from it, but also others who are around him.

From a very early age, a child suffering from this disorder is given remedial teaching for helping him overcome this. However, as he grows, he learns to identify that he is not normal in all aspects, and sees how he is not faring as well as his peers. This makes him go even deeper into a psychological shell of sorts, and he becomes isolated, always trying to remain away from any...

30 Dec 2018
Outdoor is probably the ideal place for growing ups because there the children come directly into the contact of nature. It is often noticed that children who usually play a good period of time playing outdoor games become much more physically stronger and mentally sound, then children who ideally pass their free time playing video games or watching television. Young minds should constantly be exposed to travels to boost and enrich their intellectual base and worldview. These educational tours or field trips not only give an insight to the world around, but give the students a chance to know different cultures. No one can deny the benefits of educational tours. Books give us the theoretical knowledge; whereas educational tours...

20 Dec 2018
As a child, we are only concerned with a few key things in life; our parents, siblings, schoolmates, and playing just about sum up what it means to be a kid these days and between the schoolmates and the playing portion of life, our kids can either be exposed to the best or the worst of things. Using a Child learning game is one way that we can make sure that our children not only get the opportunity to play with toys and be children, but that they can learn and expand their minds at the same time.

There is a bit of controversy surrounding whether or not it is a good idea to give our child learning games to play with. Some people feel like learning games are forcing the idea of education on a child too early whereas other parents are very...

16 Dec 2018
Subliminal mind learning refers to a type of education which permits the users to learn without having to consciously focus on the material (or for that matter, not being aware that she is learning.) 
Techniques used in this field include the very brief display of images and sound played at nearly inaudible volumes, among others. Subliminal mind education techniques have the potential to enhance the learning experience and make it much easier for people to learn new skills.

There are a lot of possibilities opened up by these techniques. For instance, it is possible that you could learn a new language subliminally without classroom instruction or putting forth any conscious effort. 

Some subliminal programs are even geared towards allowing...

8 Dec 2018
You have just cleaned your room and soon after that your children spilled over and spoiled your new bed sheet, left the bread crumbs and stains on the floor. What would you do? Yell at them and give them a time out. Or ask them to clean the room immediately and snatch away their favorite toy? Or would you forgive them for their mistake and forget it?

Well it's not at all easy to forgive their mistake. After all they should learn to keep their house clean and better not do such things again. But for a moment think about it. Is yelling do anything good? Is physical punishment going to teach them not to repeat the mistakes?

May be, sometimes it helps but not always. Then what can be done to make the children reduce their number of mistakes....

3 Dec 2018
Learning is natural instinct in a child. They enjoy it. It is interesting event and also a motivating subject for the parents to see their child learning. They not only take pleasure from their efforts but also try to improve the process through which a child learns. A careful approach is required when initiating a child for learning.

Parents and teachers always advise the children to learn, but hardly instruct them how to learn. Learning is a natural process. The child himself will learn something through natural process. However, what is important is 'How to learn?'.

Helene Goldnadel a life coach says that the child learns through observations. Child always tries to observe what is around him. Learning process starts from this instinct....

30 Nov 2018
The old axiom "being a parent doesn't come with instructions", has rung true since time immemorial. Essentially, no person is certified by any means, to become a mother or father, and then all of a sudden - they are.

Purely by way of hands-on experience, does anyone really become a skillful mom or dad at rearing their offspring. So that you can nurture your child effectively, you will need to consider countless issues, that all add-up to assist children's development. 
Most of us see our children develop right there, in front of us. It feels like a mere moment ago, they were just a mere bub working out how to crawl, walk, and eat unassisted, and all of a sudden they're going to school, taking part in activities, being social and creating...

27 Nov 2018
Self-esteem is best described as one's estimation of oneself. If someone has low or high self-esteem it can be readily identified in his behavior, his appearance, his relationship with others, and his approach to tasks and challenges. Building your child's self-esteem has to be an essential task for you to embrace as your child's parent as well as doing it the right way.

As a life coach who observes children professionally, in Helene Goldnadel's opinion, the best way to help your child with his self-esteem is to begin by carefully observing his strengths, talents, and abilities.

As he emerges from early childhood you will begin to see him become more self expressive. This is especially so if you have exposed him to a variety of...

22 Nov 2018
For a child's development there are many factors that play an important role. Other factors that play a role in child development include social, emotional, and physical factors. If the child grows up in a negative environment, one that doesn't provide emotional support and growth or one that hinders physical health, chances are it will negatively affect child development.

From birth to adolescence a child is influenced by their surroundings. If a child grows up in a home that is well off, they may not appreciate the hard work that goes into earning a dollar because everything was given to them. On the other hand, if a child grows up in poverty, he or she may never want things that have no significance on their life. Child's growth...