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11 Apr 2017
Children can develop a deep curiosity about art when provided with the opportunity at a young age. Art classes for kids that focus on painting, sculpting, drawing, and other forms of expressing artistic creativity increase a child's curiosity. Children develop certain advantages through a kids art lesson that can last a lifetime. Recent studies have found that when provided exposure to forms of artistic expression, children show improvement in concentration and coordination. Here we will explore benefits art lessons discussed by experts at Helene Goldnadel's Institute, can provide and how nurturing a child's creativeness gives them an advantage over their peers.

Many people believe creativity is genetic and that children are...

08 Apr 2017
When it comes to kids, parents want to motivate them to follow their dreams. Dance is an incredible outlet for creativity, emotion, and ability. It doesn't just foster technique and flexibility, but dance has been connected to increased development in small kids. Registering your little one for kids dance lessons of Helene Goldnadel's Classes can benefit your youngster in many ways.

When it pertains to childhood education, studies indicate that dancing plays a crucial role. Kids are motivated to memorize the dance steps during lessons. As a result, their memory is being enhanced and can play a crucial role elsewhere in the schooling. Children are also conditioned to follow instruction, pay attention and focus on their instructor. Until...

03 Apr 2017
When given the opportunity, young people can develop an intense curiosity about art. Classes for kids that focus upon dancing, singing, drawing, painting, sculpting, and similar expressions of artistic creativity can cultivate that curiosity. In doing so, children can develop a number of advantages over their peers. Studies have shown that adolescents who are provided ongoing exposure to various forms of performing artistic expression enjoy marked improvements in motor skills, coordination, concentration, and in other areas. 

In this article, we'll explore the distinct benefits discussed by Ms. Helene Goldnadel that a kid’s art lesson program can deliver. You'll discover that by nurturing a child's natural attraction to creative works,...

29 Mar 2017
While a lot of people are into singing, be it in the karaoke bar, in front or an audience, or in the shower, not everyone knows how to sing properly. To become good and high-caliber singers, it requires sheer talent, dedication, and proper singing lessons. Even if you are born with a good voice, you need to take singing classes to help you with the right technique in singing properly.

Becoming a good singer is not achieved by taking shortcuts, as many people think. For talent like singing, a strong foundation is very important. One needs to learn the right techniques like controlling the voice, breathing from the diaphragm, and reaching high notes without getting off-pitch. Moreover, learning how to sing should start at early age. This...

25 Mar 2017
Self-expression has many forms and dramatics is one way a person can express himself or herself in an innate way. Dramatics involves the portrayal of self or any other person in a fantasy situation and enacting the role of a character is no small feat. One needs to showcase inner thoughts and feelings perfectly in order to be a better actor. For those who want to study dramatics and dream to make a career in acting, it is important to get the performing art education right from the childhood.

When children are exposed to the wonderful world of dramatics, they learn to explore a new world by expressing themselves spontaneously. They learn to describe themselves through facial expression and their body language such as posture. The right...

22 Mar 2017
Among kids of the same age group and sometimes among the siblings, the personalities of the children vary considerably. The reason of such variation may be anything ranging from the socio-economic background to the environment the children are exposed to. However, it can be said that the way the kids are brought up has a great role in shaping their behavior. The child psychiatrists are of the view that the child personality development is immensely influenced by music. That is why personalized kids music has significantly been popular. 

There are several different advantages for such type of customized music lyrics. However, one specialized feature of kids personalized music is that the CDs containing the customized songs are developed...

16 Mar 2017
If you have been following American Idol on television, you can probably point out some tips from the judges' criticisms on the auditions and you can now probably figure out what makes them say 'no' to these singers trying to get through the auditions.

If you have been singing and you want to develop your craft, going to talent shows in your hometown or performing in clubs and theaters can be a good way to practice your talent and learn good singing audition tips that you can use in bigger competitions. 

Getting a big break in singing mostly involves giving a good audition so if you are auditioning to get a singing career or getting a prize, here are some singing audition tips by Helene Goldnadel (A recording artist, a song writer, and a...

10 Mar 2017
This set of singing lessons cover the art (and science) of how your diaphragm affects your voice. If your singing were done by computer, you could click the mouse and correct the sounds and volume. However, you do not have a digital voice, just a human singing voice so you have to learn to control it from within. This article will help you achieve that goal.

If you've been singing any length of time, you have probably heard the phrase "sing with your diaphragm" already. But what does this really mean? What is your diaphragm and how does it work? How does the diaphragm help with singing? Let's explore what the word "diaphragm" really means and how it is connected to good singing.

The Diaphragm Explained

The diaphragm is a system of muscles...

04 Mar 2017
There are so many things that we juggle every day. Work, family, kids, friends, school, extracurricular activities.... How do we manage to fit it all in? How do we manage to keep it all together?

How do we manage not to get lost in our lives?

Everyone is so busy today and we are all being pulled in so many directions. How do we know if what we are doing is right or wrong?
Sometimes we doubt ourselves. And our life choices.

So how do we get back on track?

One way is to use a "life coach." Why not? You have a coach for other things in your life.. Like your workouts / health, career coaches. Why not have a "life coach" that can help with balancing "all" the areas of your life. Balance between work and family. Balance between what you are doing...

01 Mar 2017
Summers are great time to learn new skills. You get long holidays to recharges yourself and get ready for a new beginning with a fresh mind and fresher body. However, apart from relaxing and playing all time, you can spend time in acquiring some new skills. Find out your passions and love for art and give it a new direction this summer.

Have you ever been to a summer camp during your summer vacation? If no, then you have missed golden opportunities to live your life with loads of fun and several chances to learn performing arts. The summer camps organized for developing kids are focuses to provide them firsthand knowledge of several skills.

Schools organize summer camps for their students. They intend to provide different set of skills to...