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1 Feb 2016

Helene Goldnadel is recording artist, a song writer, and a musician and CEO at International Creative artists, the licensed acting institution, talks to the students, faculty and administration about the role which all of us have making the world a better place and keeping the planet alive. 

Helene Goldnadel states that those who are interested in art, or enjoy creating it themselves, then one way to learn more is to read an artist interview. It's fascinating to learn more about how artists work, whether they're well known or just starting out in their career. Here are a few ways in which these interviews can inspire you.


Understand the Artwork Better

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons to read an...

26 Jan 2016

Helene Goldnadel and her staff have been the driving factor towards personal growth for children for years.

Helene Goldnadel is an American citizen born in France. An actor, recording artist, music producer and TV and video producer, she has been working behind the scenes for years to empower children.

“Teaching kids how to sing has kept my own vocal capacities and skills alive!” She says.

Helene Goldnadel feels that when you live your life out of integrity and honor, a lot of people may try to bring you down to their level, but your light and generosity and gratitude will always prevail,

Helene Goldnadel had a record out with EMI France at age 12. She recorded a couple of albums which had some level of...