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31 Oct 2019
Every child would enter kindergarten once they are of age. While some of them are afraid to do so, there are some who couldn't wait for the moment to come. Laughter, tears, anxiety are a mixture of expressions often shown by these children. Here are a few tips by Helene Goldnadel a life coach, in preparing a child in for what they are about to face upon entering kindergarten.

One of the tips that would help a child prepare for kindergarten is by taking into consideration their personal needs. In this area, it is important for the parents to teach their children the "basic survival skills" in a kindergarten environment. A child has to know how to eat by themselves, use the washroom appropriately, be a little independent when it comes to tying their shoelaces or tidying up their uniforms when their uniforms get messed up.

Another tip that would help a child prepare would be their social skills. While more often than not, they are surrounded by their family members, they have to learn to step out of the circle and mix around with other children as well. Although some make friends easily, some may take a longer time to mix around. In this area, the teacher would have to be responsible in ensuring that the whole classes participate in similar activities and similar lessons. Here, a child has to be prepared intellectually as well. To make lessons enjoyable, a teacher can also conduct in-class activities such as drawing and reading. If given the opportunity, a teacher can conduct outdoor activities such as a visit to the zoo to allow the children the exposure of socializing out of their classroom.

Last but not least, a child has to ensure that their health needs is in perfect shape. They have to have all the required immunization as well as a constant medical check-up as necessary. It would be worrisome for both parents and teachers if the child is unwell as the illness or sickness may spread to the rest of the children in the class. A child would also have to be taken care of in a way that they have to be trained to sleep early into the night, played during suitable occasions and eat at an appropriate schedule.

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