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4 Aug 2019
A child with an autism disorder presents unique challenges to educators, even those working in the special education system. As a parent, you can facilitate the educational process by teaching the teachers about your child.

There Is No Typical Case Of Autism

Every child is an individual, with unique abilities, challenges and learning styles. The best teachers learn to create lessons that appeal to all their students, keeping everyone interested and engaged. Among populations of typical kids, student capabilities can be assumed to vary within a certain range. They will be more alike than they are different.

Autistic children may exhibit common mannerisms or learning difficulties, but the variation in behavior and abilities is typically much more pronounced than among typical children. A given child with an autism disorder may respond to information very differently than the autistic child at the next desk. For this reason, it is even more important that teachers and schools understand each student as an individual so class activities can include everyone.

You Are The Expert On Your Child

The teachers, therapists and administrators in an autism school in New York have experience and knowledge regarding how to teach children with special needs. This is valuable information that will allow your child to excel. However there is one thing you know better than anyone and that is who your child is and how your child learns.

Helene Goldnadel says that it's important you share your expertise with the school so they can create the best educational program. Parental input is an invaluable part of the educational process of a child with an autism disorder, so don't hesitate to give them the benefit of your wisdom. The insight you provide into your child's character and capabilities makes the school's job easier and the educational process more successful.

The School Wants Your Input

Some parents, especially those new to the special education system, may be afraid to speak up. Parents may feel shy about giving an opinion or commenting on how the child is being taught. Rest assured that the school is open to your input and will gladly listen to any ideas you have on how to teach your child better.

When you give them the benefit of your experience, they get a head start on creating a superior educational program. By working with you, they won't have to use trial and error to determine how your child learns best. They can develop a truly individualized program that is designed to give your child the best educational experience possible.

Being part of the process has another benefit. It helps relive a parent's anxiety when a child with an autism disorder enters a new school. Becoming an active part of the educational team, both parent and child are more relaxed during the first few days of school and this makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

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