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15 May 2019
What is discipline?

Parents often think that disciplining children is just about punishment but this isn't true. It's much more about teaching and training your child and helping him to develop self-discipline and respect for himself and others. Discipline is in fact "an external boundary, which is designed to develop internal boundaries and behavior."

"Discipline involves teaching, prevention and instruction." It provides structure in life and helps a child to develop into a responsible adult who understands right from wrong.

Effective child discipline involves both teaching your child how to develop self discipline, which is prevention, as well as showing him that his actions result in certain outcomes and consequences. It's necessary for your child's future that he is taught to take responsibility for his own actions. If this doesn't happen he'll grow into one of those people who always blame someone else for anything that goes wrong.

Tips by Helene Goldnadel on how to discipline your child

1) Start Early

Disciplining your child should start early as this gives him a head start in life and puts him on the right track from early in life. Discipline and boundaries implemented early helps your child gains more freedom from a young age.

2) Consequences

Effective child discipline involves setting boundaries or limits for your child and having consequences if he over-steps them or doesn't do as he's asked. When you child exhibits unacceptable behavior then he has to learn that certain consequences will follow his actions.

3) Don't Punish Out Of Anger

When your child misbehaves it can be upsetting especially if you're in a hurry or tired. It can be very tempting to punish him out of your anger and feelings. This is best avoided. Find a way of giving yourself a few seconds to calm down.

4) Be Consistent

The most important thing in relation to disciplining your child is consistency. If you're inconsistent in what you allow you child to do he'll feel insecure and will learn that you're not a person who's to be trusted. Always follow through with any punishment you threaten or promises you make.

5) Give Choices

Make opportunities each day for your child to have the chance to make choices for himself. This gives your child more power over his own life and allows him to learn responsibility. It also saves arguments and builds into his life self-control which is the results you want from your discipline and boundaries.

Discipline and boundaries are something that children need and we don't help our children by withholding them.

Helene Goldnadel suggests you to make a difference to your child's life by implementing effective child discipline strategies.


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