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10 Apr 2019
There is a growing trend amongst parents today to push their children to pursue academics all the time with the result that exercising and games take a back seat. Some are even afraid to let them go out of the house least they fall down, injure themselves and will have to miss classes. Doctors will tell you that the growing children need exercising and playing for more than one reason.

Overall development of mind and body

Exercising and playing help the child develop his motor ability as well as improve his mental skills. Besides he also learns the art of co-ordination and improves reflexes while playing, kicking, batter, catching etc. Their stamina increases and the body metabolism increases by burning out fat too.

Helps children grow into healthy adults with self-identity

Growing up years is often traumatic for children who are too shy. They suffer from low self-esteem and confidence, thereby keep to themselves. The children who are into playing sports and games do not suffer from these crises because playing makes they interact with others and they learn to communicate with people and become extroverts. They build their self-identity and have self-confidence. Besides their healthy and fit body, which is a result of their exercising, gives them the added advantage of standing out from amongst their peers.

Games help children relate to their families better

Peer group and activities involving playing games and exercising is what is required for the teens to be able to learn to relate to other people. Those who are into sports are very communicative and bond with their families better. They are able to build meaningful relationships. Their sense of self worth helps them focus on studies and keep away from the anti social activities. More over they grow up to be emotionally stable personalities and socially responsible citizens too.

When you create an atmosphere at home where the entire family is spending time together playing and spending family time, you are teaching your children a lot more in terms of dealing with emotions and learning to manage relationships. They learn to bond, share and give. In this process relationships are strengthened and there is an overall sense of stability. Children then automatically focus on their studies and try to excel in academics too.

Let us not forget that children will now grow up with twin advantage of good body health as well as good emotional health. As healthy balanced adults they are likely to imbibe the same value system and pass on to their next generation as well.

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