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4 Apr 2019
Art classes are a great way of stimulating your creativity and even discovering a hidden talent for painting, drawing or animation. In today's society art is stereotyped as something only for the wealthy elite or in schools it becomes the course most associated with budget cuts. Despite these negative associations with art, a lot of positivity comes through learning how to create your own art. You will be surprised to know that art has the ability to boost your creativity, increase your self-esteem and improve mental capacity. In this article Helene Goldnadel outlines these benefits and demonstrates how art can help your child develop to his or her full potential through taking art classes.

Taking art lessons increases your creativity. This is an important skill to have in today's fast paced hyper connected world. In this environment people suffer from information overload and think that looking through a search engine will solve their problems but this is often not the case. Art teaches you to be more creative by analyzing your options deeper and putting them together in different ways. This is a skill that can be applied to other aspects of life. For example a creative computer program feature can be added into a program increasing its productivity. However this feature was put into the program through a creative thinker who saw beyond the obvious options and recreated a vision in his head that will help make the end users experience with the product more enjoyable.

The second benefit of taking art classes is that art helps increase your self-esteem and gives you a feeling of achievement. In today's world many class subjects focus on giving right or wrong answers. This is not a good learning environment for a child who is naturally creative or wishes to expand his creativity. However art has a laid back atmosphere where no right or wrong answers exist. This atmosphere helps children's creativity flourish and instills them with a sense of accomplishment. This feeling can translate into confidence in other areas of life.

The last benefit of taking an art lesson at a studio is that it will improve your child's mental capacity. The brain is made of two distinct parts, known as the left and right side. The left side of the brain is used in analyzing situations and using your logic. These skills are good for solving science and math problems but they do not translate well into other aspects of life. The right side of the brain is used for creativity and emotional intelligence. These are two very important life skills and often times the skills that schools neglect to focus on. By developing these skills through art lessons your child will be a well-rounded person, have the ability to solve problems creatively and have a sense of accomplishment about his art.

As you can see the value of art lessons is huge. This can have a positive impact on your child's development which will help increase their mental capacity. By neglecting to enroll them in some form or art, you take a risk by limiting their potential and making them focus on only the left side of the brain which will not produce positive results for the future.


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