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24 Jan 2019
Children are naturally creative creatures. They don't have the limits that adults have learned through life experience. When children are very young, they explore the world because of natural instincts that they have which encourage them to learn about their environment. Through exploration and observation, children often get creative in ways that adults never thought the children could be. Children don't think of it as art, or really think of it as anything at all, other than enjoying the pleasure of sensory exploration. Parents who give their children room to explore will also find that their children are more inclined to express themselves creatively.

Let Kids be Kids

One of the biggest issues with parents is that they push their children to be more than what they are, constantly comparing them to books and the rate of development of other children. When parents learn to appreciate their children for the accomplishments and interests of their individual child, they will find parenting to be a much more enjoyable journey, as will the child. As Helene Goldnadel says that creativity is developed through a sense of freedom, which only comes when restraints are limited.

Provide the Setting

Parents should keep their home safe for children, but also allow them to explore the world around them, providing exploration opportunities at every turn. For example, parents might put a sheet down on the floor for the baby to play on, but the baby enjoys the texture of the carpet. Therefore parents simply need to keep the carpet clean. Montessori sensory materials also provide sensory stimulation for children. Keep in mind that children are not having academic thoughts during this time. They are operating on sensory signals and instincts. By stimulating those sensory signals and instincts with normal items around the house as well as Montessori sensory materials, the child is encouraged to explore and, by default, to create.

Curb the Need to Control

Parents almost always feel as if they need to guide their child in every area. Take a simple drawing of the sun, for example. Children will draw the sun as they like, until someone shows them to put the partial circle in the corner. Although parents don't realize it, by demonstrating these little tricks, they limit the child's creative expression. After all, that one tip with the sun just took unlimited ways of drawing a sun and turned it into one boring little partial circle in the corner.

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