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27 Nov 2018
Self-esteem is best described as one's estimation of oneself. If someone has low or high self-esteem it can be readily identified in his behavior, his appearance, his relationship with others, and his approach to tasks and challenges. Building your child's self-esteem has to be an essential task for you to embrace as your child's parent as well as doing it the right way.

As a life coach who observes children professionally, in Helene Goldnadel's opinion, the best way to help your child with his self-esteem is to begin by carefully observing his strengths, talents, and abilities.

As he emerges from early childhood you will begin to see him become more self expressive. This is especially so if you have exposed him to a variety of stimulative activity consistently doing his early years. If you have exposed your child adequately and the home environment is conducive to learning, you'll begin to see some talents and abilities associated with his interests begin to emerge.

Your child may then begin to show talent in music, athletics, math, reading, art, or dance. Herein lies an opportunity to acknowledge this talent and legitimately praise and encourage the child to expand on what he seems able to do so easily. This is one of the best ways to build your child's self-esteem. This builds a foundation of belief in himself based on real life abilities and gives your child a sense of self-worth that will carry on into other areas as he is progresses through life.

As self-esteem begin on the inside, this belief in oneself based on real life abilities works to eliminate self-defeating thoughts and statements which is the basis of low self-esteem and causes so much emotional pain. Praising your child is extremely important, but it must be based on reality.

As a parent, never become so absorbed in yourself, your relationships, your job, or where you just view your child as a burden and neglect observing your child with the purpose of learning your child's strengths, talents, and abilities. Keep in mind that you are the most important adult in the child's life. In order to genuinely improve your child's self-esteem you must help your child to understand that he can't control what goes on the outside, but he can control what goes on the inside.

Be the cheerleader for your child. Give him the capacity to stand upon his abilities and to accept failures as a learning experience that leads to future successes.

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