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14 Oct 2018
Most people think that with all the technology and advancements that we enjoy, people should have no problems finding ways to correct unacceptable child behavior. It's true that there are tons of outlets for finding tips for parents and child development advice. Many people have gone that route, and have turned their ways of thinking around and decided that raising kids in the old school way is best.

The morals and lessons of times gone by will help you to raise happy, healthy, well-mannered children. In the 1860's or even 1950's, it was rare to see a child talk back or even question a parent's authority, without the parent spanking their child. Old school rules can bring back those happier family times.

Improving Your Child's Self-Esteem

Many kids suffer from low self-esteem. This can occur from a variety of reasons, including living in a verbally abusive environment, excessive shyness or bullying. Of course, there are other reasons that kids can have self-esteem issues, but you must recognize the child behavior that could lead to more problematic behavior.

Children need to feel that they are needed and worthy members of the family. Many child behavior experts believe that assigning chores that the kids can actually accomplish can boost their self-esteem in a big way. In days of yore, even the smallest of children had things that they needed to do, and these small tasks help to increase self-esteem and reduce unwanted child behavior.

The Rebellious Preteen

Most parents dread the teenage years, but never even realize that the preteen years can be worse. Preteens tend to have bigger and nastier attitudes than full-blown teenagers, because they are no longer considered little kids but aren't quite young adults. They just don't know where they fit into the world.

Preteens can often have strange reactions to normal questions and conversations such as, "How was school today" or "Where were you". These normal questions can create child behavior that is unacceptable for the household. If day-to-day questions set off your child, you might need to consider signing up for parenting classes. Parenting classes can help you learn to deal with your child's individual issues, and help them to succeed in life.

Inappropriate Child Behavior

Dealing with inappropriate child behavior problems can really put a major strain on parents. The stress increases if the parents have different parenting styles. It is confusing to a child when he or she receives mixed signals from the parents. Consistency is the key to teaching your child how to behave in all situations.

Marital problems can even occur because of conflicting parenting styles. This usually happens when one parent enforces the rules and the other allows the child to break some of them. If a child isn't allowed to jump on the bed and the lenient parent ignores it, this could cause a rift, as the disciplinarian would need to take control of the situation. Forcing one parent to be the "bad guy" can really strain the marriage as well as the family relationship.

According to Helene Goldnadel the best way to correct inappropriate child behavior is through the use of positive discipline. Taking away the child's ability to attend a special outing or banning the use of a toy or video game can correct unwanted behaviors. However make sure that you are gentle and yet firm with the children. After a while, the mere threat of taking something away will immediately remind your child that you expect nothing less than exemplary child behavior.

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