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11 Aug 2018
"Music can sooth a wild beast" . . . or so has been said by the wise and the ancient. There is something about music that appeals to one and all. This can be because of the reason that sound and 'vibrations' is one of most potent truths in the whole world and is something that lays an impact on all living and the seemingly inanimate objects. According to Helene Goldnadel a music teacher and a life coach, music touches all aspects of human lives. There can be music of joy, music for love, music for romance, music for sorrow; you name the mental state and there will be some kind of music that can define it. Since music is so close to human existence, there is a more or less, natural inclination in the part of all to learn music. It is believed and proven (to an extent) that the fetus inside the womb of a mother also responds to music. Soothing music played and listened to by the mother during the course of pregnancy can have favorable effects on the child to be born. Sometimes, its personality and inclination towards music is shaped while still in the womb. Thus, if you are still thinking and considering whether music lessons for children is a wise idea or, not, one can say, for certain that this is a wise idea.

Piano is one such musical instrument that has been to the liking of people since many centuries. Pianos have also undergone considerable transformation and evolution since the time it was invented and have been becoming simpler and more effective in design and the music produced. It is also one of those musical instruments that produces magical music and it requires a lot of hard work in the part of the instrument player to become an expert. People learn piano for many reasons. Some learn for the sheer joy of it while the others have musical careers in their agenda. Whatever be the reason behind learning to play the piano it is vital to remember that learning should always start early. It has been observed that Piano lessons for children do have a lot of good effect of the young learners. To begin with, it keeps them usefully engaged. Young girls love to play the piano and so do many young boys. They seem to love the fact that they can produce such wonderful music solely through their own efforts. This in turn helps immensely in building their confidence.

If one wishes to observe some scientifically and clinically proven results of introducing piano lessons for children, one can refer to the study conducted by Dr. Rauscher and Shaw (from the university of Wisconsin and the University of California, respectively), where they tested and compared preschoolers who received piano instructions and the ones who did not. It was concluded that the preschoolers who did receive the piano lessons scored 34% higher in math, than the others who did not receive piano instructions. Music plays with the brain in many other favorable ways that conscious and experimental humans are yet to understand. The best thing that parents can do at the moment is to get music lessons for children, and leave the rest to take its own course.


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