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1 Aug 2017
This might seem a nightmarish scenario for you youngsters having short attention spans but youngsters are never too young to be exposed to music, films and museums. The younger they are the better. Young Ones can be inspired by external stimuli and their minds absorb information like a sponge. That's why it's easier to teach youngsters who are younger because of their enthusiasm and curiosity.

However, if you do plan to take them to watch their first musical performance or a movie, you might want to ask these questions before you do? First, exactly how old should you start bringing them to theatres and music halls? You can bring youngsters to movies as early as five years old but it would be best to wait for them to turn seven before you consider bringing them to performances that require more concentration and time.

Second, you'd also want to ask yourself what kind of performances you would be taking them. If it is a musical, would they love the singer? It's actually advisable to take your youngsters to musical performances as opposed to concerts. Although it would be fun to bring them to their favorite pop singers' concerts, once in a while you can take them to a piano recital or an orchestra.

This can improve your little one's musical range, especially if he or she is taking music lessons. Explain to them the event you will be attending and ask them is they would like to come. Musical performances would also call for a more refined dress code so it's a great time for your daughter to wear her lovely new dress in which she looks so lovely.

You can even make the event special by having her wear your gold necklace with the cross pendant or the white gold one with the beautiful heirloom locket. You can even make it a mom-and-daughter affair by wearing matching pearl chokers. For your small boy, he will look lovely in his suit and tie and a classic watch to complete the outfit.

Taking them to movies is easier since there are a plethora of Disney movies with children-friendly themes. You can always have them choose the movies and they would be more at ease since it wouldn't require them to dress up.

On easy Saturdays, you can take your youngsters to the museum. As I've said, it's never too late to expose them to cultural and historical stimuli. Anthropological museums will appeal to your youngsters with its display of dinosaurs and prehistoric people. This will also create a genuine love for knowledge and learning in your kids.

Ms. Helene Goldnadel a teacher of the arts is a master at empowerment. Helene enjoys working with children who are at times fidgety or shy. Because of her background as a singer and a recording artist with EMI France, Helene has taught children age four and up how to sing. Her various levels of expertise in vocal expression have a lot to do with the ability to sing from the diaphragm.
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