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3 Apr 2017
When given the opportunity, young people can develop an intense curiosity about art. Classes for kids that focus upon dancing, singing, drawing, painting, sculpting, and similar expressions of artistic creativity can cultivate that curiosity. In doing so, children can develop a number of advantages over their peers. Studies have shown that adolescents who are provided ongoing exposure to various forms of performing artistic expression enjoy marked improvements in motor skills, coordination, concentration, and in other areas. 

In this article, we'll explore the distinct benefits discussed by Ms. Helene Goldnadel that a kid’s art lesson program can deliver. You'll discover that by nurturing a child's natural attraction to creative works, that child can enjoy a developmental head start in life.

1 - Boost In Creativity
A lot of people believe that creativity is somehow genetic. That is, we're either born with the ability to create - whether through illustration, music, or photography - or we're not. In truth, creativity is developed and encouraged. If done so at an early age, it has a greater likelihood of blossoming. Art classes for kids support the development of that creativity while giving students the opportunity to express themselves.

2 - Increased Concentration
If you have ever watched child toil on an artistic creation, you'll have observed a single-minded pursuit of an objective. Children seem to focus more effectively when provided the freedom to work according to the artistic vision in their minds. Their devotion teaches them to concentrate in other areas of their lives. Too often, young people are easily distracted, spurred largely by video games and television. Carefully formulated lessons in painting, sculpting, and illustration encourage them to ignore distractions and focus on the task in front of them.

3 - Better Eye-Hand Coordination
Much like a pianist's fingers dance nimbly across a piano's keys, an artist develops a highly-tuned sense of coordination between his fingers and the images in his head. As he learns to transfer those images to whatever media with which he's working, his eyes and hands begin to work together fluidly. Art classes for kids provide children with the opportunity to develop this same level of eye-hand coordination. Over time, the precision with which they work becomes second nature.

4 - Affirmation Through Achievement
Children need affirmation, but it has the greatest impact on them when it is delivered as a compliment for a personal achievement. It vindicates their efforts and validates their self-worth. By expressing themselves artistically, young people can enjoy the freedom of creativity without the concern of potential failure. Art classes for kids facilitate this affirmation in an environment that focuses upon the process of creation rather than the end result.

5 - Ability To Complete Projects
The ability to take projects through completion evades many young people. And as they grow older, a tendency to leave things unfinished can manifest in many areas within their professional and personal lives. Art classes for kids allow children to immerse themselves into their drawings, paintings, and illustrations. As a result, they learn to derive a sense of personal satisfaction from finishing their projects. Though they don't realize it, they're building the foundation of an important character trait that will yield dividends throughout their adult lives. 

Art Classes For Kids Offer Life Advantages

Young people are confronted with an increasing number of challenges. Art classes for kids can provide the head start they need to scale those challenges. These lessons offer the opportunity for them to develop valuable life skills in a non-confrontational environment. By exploring their own creativity, they can enjoy several advantages over their peers. Later in life, these advantages can have a dramatic impact upon everything they do.

Helene Goldnadel is a life coach and a performing art teacher who has empowered many lives.
Helene teaches the young actors how to simply empower each other and how to make a real difference as per the quality of the work on set. The method of getting in state and allowing for other performers on set to be able to create amazing, multi-dimensional characters. The world needs skilled leaders like never before, to perform in front of wide audiences who get to watch Helene’s graduates on film, television, commercials and print.
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